Wednesday, July 9, 2014

Being A Basic White Girl

White girl problems are the worst because they feel soooo real accept they’re not at all. My sister is the biggest white girl complainer of all time. A simple, “How’s your day?” NEVER ends with, “Good and you?”. 

For example: 

Me: “Sara how’s your day?” 

Sara: “Ugh ok… I guess BUT (and there’s always a but) my secretary is so annoying. She always asks me questions.” 

But you have to sympathize with white girl problems, no matter how ridiculous they are or else it'll never stop.

We LOVE bitching. I think we white girls get our fuel for life from Diet Coke and complaining about our first world problems. 

The number one white girl complaint ... our boyfriends.

Like: “Ugh can you believe Ben tivoed over Top Model again last night. Seriously, if this behavior persists I might have to say something.”

But we NEVER confront our problems. As a white girl our most lethal weapon of choice is passive aggressive warfare.

Like instead of letting you know, "Hey don’t record over my show", we just go in and cancel all of your recordings for the next month and blame it on “mechanical error”. 

But the worst thing a white girl can do is not complain about a boyfriend she should be complaining about. 

For example: “Joe called me fat again in front of all my friends last night, he has such a good sense of humor. Things are going to be so perfect when we get married.”

When a white girl isn't complaining about her boyfriend, it’s because she wants one thing. A ring on that finger. 

But we all know that the fat jokes aren't going away just because she has a half karat ring from Macy’s on her right ring finger. 

But all joking aside, there are some legitimate white girl problems out there.

I think the most serious white girl problem is when we go to send a snap chat to someone and the front view of our camera is on. Seriously nothing makes you feel worse about yourself then seeing your double chin in full zoom on your iPhone camera. 

This issue is so serious that I’m thinking of starting a charity for it. My charity will be called “White Girl’s for a More Flattering Front View” and the slogan will be “Because taking a good selfie is hard enough”. 

Keep on being white basic bitches!


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